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The Evan Schumacher Fund for Rare Cancer Research at TargetCancer Foundation

The Evan Schumacher Fund for Rare Cancer Research honors Evan’s vision for a different approach to a cure. 

The projects supported by the Schumacher Fund represent novel and holistic approaches to researching rare cancers, incorporating cutting edge tools with support for bright young scientists who are taking the risks necessary to identify effective treatments for rare cancers. The initial goal of the Fund is to raise $100,000 for cholangiocarcinoma research fellowships.

Evan was in his prime when diagnosed.
A serial entrepreneur who founded four Internet companies, Evan had the extraordinary talent to spot new trends. Alongside his well-recognized business savvy, he was known for his incredible people skills, energy, optimism, and his ability to engage everyone whose life he touched. All those who knew Evan, from employees and investors to friends and family, were magnetized by his unusual combination of incredible ambition matched with unending kindness. Evan believed that anything could be accomplished with hard work, drive, and faith in oneself and others.

As he approached his 45th birthday on April 8, 2014, Evan was in his prime. He was chief commercial officer for Echo Global Logistics, the public company in Chicago that bought his company, Open Mile, and he was busy commuting from Boston. Married nearly four years, he had a lovely home with his wife, alongside their two-year old son and twin newborn girls.

Evan, who had never spent a day in his life in the hospital, was diagnosed with Stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma with lung metastases two weeks after his daughters were born.

Evan searched for the newest treatments.
Evan approached cancer in the same way that he led his life, with resilience and amazing strength. He was determined to beat his cancer despite the lack of available treatments.

As he started chemotherapy, Evan searched intensely for the latest treatments. Using his strong networking skills, he searched worldwide until identifying a clinical trial that used novel immunotherapy drugs. Although it took more than a year to find and enter the trial, the immunotherapy treatment significantly reduced the tumors in his lungs, surprising his doctors. Though his health continued to deteriorate, eventually forcing him to exit the trial, Evan felt vindicated in pursuing the new immunotherapy treatments.

He died 19 months after his diagnosis.

Evan’s family, friends, and colleagues honor his life by supporting research into innovative treatments through the Evan Schumacher Fund for Rare Cancer Research. This Fund aims to take the same energy, drive, and optimism that Evan brought to his life towards finding effective treatments for rare cancers.

Read more about Evan Schumacher in his January 1, 2016 obituary from the Boston Globe.

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The Evan Schumacher Fund for Rare Cancer Research is managed and advised by TargetCancer Foundation, a Cambridge, MA not-for-profit foundation dedicated to supporting innovative rare cancer research and patients. Since 2009, TargetCancer Foundation has worked with leading researchers to build comprehensive research programs in rare cancers such as cholangiocarcinoma and esophageal cancer. In addition, TargetCancer Foundation supports patients directly through direct financial assistance programs and treatment and clinical trial guidance.

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